Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Of growing old...

My birthday is coming up. It's actually on Sunday. Yes, apparently I'll be 23 in four days. How cool is that? Umh I'm not sure why am growing so old so fast but still am excited :) Well may be not exactly excited(at least not about the growing old bit) but content at where I am in my life.

I didn't know what to write so I just compiled something silly (below). I'm awed at how revealing my posts have been as evidenced by the 'poem' below. You want to know one more thing about me? I'm out of school for a whole month? It's so surreal. I'm sleeping in at the slightest chance. Oh I'm so turning 23 in style. Imagine a month's break from school? What am I gonna do with myself? Ideas welcome. For the last few days I've been trying to get caught up on my reading (not school books). I'm currently reading the Kite Runner thanks to SisBigBones for recommending it :)

I thank, you, for reading my amateur poetry. Each of you has given me mojo to keep attempting to put words together. Words that you've come back over and over again and read and surprisingly commended me on. I'm humbled.

Your swinging by my blog has somewhat in a way beyond you and me contributed to my being this year and for that to, you, I'm grateful.

I know as you read this you're in stitches because this is me coming out of the closet and telling you despite my putting 2-4 words in four line paragraphs(otherwise called poems) I actually cannot write or put together a post. I shall not intricate things by divulging you on my many failed attempts at paying someone to write my term school papers. I cannot begin to put in words the joy that has transcended my existence each time I've done the reference page of any of my term papers. If written in supposedly the correct order the reference page should come last. Incessantly my self motivation or lack of thereof has led me to start my term papers backwards. Yes, I always type my reference page first. I know it's simply out of this world. As I said my many attempts at writing have undoubtedly failed but my obstinate nature won't badge. I shallow not succumb. So, laugh all you want. LOL

Happy Birthday to all ye Scorpios out there!!! Pandave hope you have recovered enough to enjoy your birthday :)

After all is said and done...My dears I give you yet another of my amateur pieces.Enjoy...

Another year has come and is almost gone

Just like the other one

Each day brings the close of this year nigh

Her mind unabashedly goes back in time

Revisiting her past

she sits alone

lets her body, soul and mind

go back, back into times gone

tears stream down her face

as a smile forces its being on her lips

lighting up her face

almost like the sun shining in the rain

bittersweet memories

flood her whole being

lost in time

she recounts each sunrise and sunset

watches herself walk down each road

good and bad

paths of peace, quiet and joy

others trod of brokenness, tears and pain

sometimes letting herself stay down

longer than she should

others picking herself up, dusting herself and moving on

all lessons learnt

no mistakes,just lessons

halting at moments of triumph and joy unspeakable

overwhelmed by times of sheer exhaustion

at times succumbing to aloneness

sometimes counting on others to pick her up

filled with unsurety

sometimes even letting her guard down

mastering the strength to reach out to others for comfort

then taking out time to recuperate

all the while leaning on God

sometimes allowing her feelings to show

often letting go, to let God

her beloveds always at heart

at times to burdened to tell the difference

reminding others to see the good in themselves

commemorating her passed on dear ones

accepting life's lemons

but still living for the moment

soldiering tough times

allowing herself to purge some things in her life

remembering to be appreciative

some days overcome by darkness

grieving her patients

being in love

Of all people missing her the most

wishing each of you(readers/bloggers/friends/everyone out there reading this or not) the very best