Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hair dryer & Curling Iron MIA

This post was inspired by Scotchie's blog title about not finding her dryer. I don't lye my hair. Instead I braid it all the time. I shampoo and condition it even three times a week when braided. This past Saturday was the chuck-the-braids-day aka doom's day. Doom's day because after chucking the braids I pinch every single nerve on my neck. I like it when my hair is braided because it's take away from the already naturally hectic
morning hassle.

So on Saturday I braced myself on the couch and in three hours chucked my braids. I do not know where for the first time I got this brilliant idea to chuck my braids, get my hair shampooed, conditioned and then straighten it out. I must have been tired or my mind was playing tricks on me because I managed to convince myself that my hair would look just fine and survive for the next two weeks after which I planned on getting it re-braided. The two weeks of straightened hair was meant to give it a breather before the re-braiding. Sure enough after chucking the braids I went and got my hair done and it looked great as expected. Sunday morning the genius in me went out running and by 11am my hair had shrunk and was a mess I could not fathom. Instantly my eyes got teary as I searched for my hair dryer and curling iron. I've not done my hair in a minute so the stuff was MIA or as I later recalled passed down to a girlfriend. I had to be somewhere at 1pm so I went to the store and bought a cheap one to make do. I did my hair Monday morning and after doing it this morning (Tuesday) I frantically called my braider and called off work because I could not stand it. My braider was booked all day so am scheduled to braid it tonight from 10pm and I work tomorrow at 7am. Wish me luck because tomorrow I'll be dozing off at work.

Lol did I just write a whole post on hair??? Talk about not been my hair.

Have a good hair week everyone!!!