Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Nation's Repentance

I come before thee

in acknowledgement that I am
unworthy of your favor
unworthy of your grace
unworthy of your mercies
unworthy Lord of thee
of thy goodness
and blessings

unworthy of your deliverance

I'm without a reason to table
for you to listen to me
I lack a way to make things right
I've turned away from thee
I've sinned and fallen short of your glory
I've sinned against thee

But Lord
they say saints are sinners who fell and got up
so today, I kneel down at your feet, Lord

because down at your feet is the most high place
I bow by knees, with a humble heart
in confession
and repentance
of my inquities
transgressions from generations before and after me
God I repent

Father, your word is a promise
sharper than a double-edged sword
God, you're true to your word
if we confess and repent
your promise is you are just and faithful
and will forgive us

Heal us Lord
heal us
heal our nation
create in us a new soul
take away our hearts of stone
give us a new heart of flesh
restore unto us the gift
of your salvation
renewerize your spirit within us

I lift my voice up to thee, God
cast us not away from your presence, oh Lord

I stand in the gap with every soul
to intercede for our nation, Lord
heal us
I cry
turn our ways from wickedness
from hatred
from injustice
from tribalism
from all ways, ungodly

Cleanse us
purify us

make us whole
restore our nation,Kenya, God

Friday, January 11, 2008


It came
with a slow start
painfully buried in tears
almost no strength to pull through
but you, God, saw me through it

Suddenly it seemed to pick up
dust off and rush right through
suddenly it was I trying to stay caught up
trusting you to keep track

I braved cold nights and days
dark nights and days
rainy nights and days
I trod many a path alone
alone but with you

I lay here today
eyes swelling up in tears
my soul, heart and my whole being
bursting out with gratitude
how can I ever give it all back
to you Oh my Lord?
I discern to strive, Lord
strive to live for you
by your laws
in my thoughts, actions, words and whole being

I cannot do it on my own
so help me Lord help me
to live for you
and in you

Thank you, Lord
I cannot put into words
everything you're to me
everything you've been to me
everything you'll always be to me
the miracles, Lord
big and small
the angels, Lord
you send my way

I cannot thank you enough
guide me through this new one God
pave paths for me
uplift me
uphold me
grace, mercy, love me
just one more time, God