Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't rear your head back

let it go

in this chill and cold

don't rear your head back

and remind me of the warmth we once were

let it go

in this aloneness

don't rear your head back

and remind me of the great company you used to be

in this sadness that is

don't rear your head back

and make me revisit the happiness that once abound

in this joy unspeakable that now is

don't rear your head back

and remind me you used to be a part of it

in this togetherness that am now becoming

don't rear your head back

and threaten it

let it go

let it rest

return not

remind me not

fare thee well

and just let it go

because I will not relive the past

so let it go

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Thank you for caring for me
when I've not cared
Thank you for loving me
when I've not loved me
Thank you for providing
when I've lacked
Thank you for listening
when I've needed an ear
Thank you for carrying me
when I've succumbed under my own weight
Thank you for a shoulder
when I've needed to put my head down
Thank you for wiping my tears
when I've cried
Thank you for lifting the burden
when I've been overwhelmed
Thank you for staying
when I've moved far far away from you
Thank you for forgiving me
when I've fallen
Thank you for your angels
when I've felt alone
Thank you for your protection
when fear has ceased my soul
Thank you for your guidance
for every path I've trod
Thank you for remaining unchanging
when I've been shifty
Thank you for being my friend
when others have disappointed me
Love me, carry me, grace me, mercy me
now and always, God