Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So my life is real and not all about poems

I don't know how to write posts. Honestly, I suck at doing the whole paragraph thing. Or may be it's the punctuation that just gets to me. So, let's just do it in bullets.
  • I called my grandpa this weekend and he answered his cellphone. I was (and still) am thrilled. My grandma always picks it up then puts him on. But this time? it was different. Grandpa did all by himself. Woot!
  • I do not like my job.
  • I do not like my boss
  • Well I don't mind her but on some days like yesterday I just want to stand up and yell "I quit" lol. Is that passive aggressive or anal-retentive.
  • One of my pet peeves is people who misspell names
  • My boss does
  • Please explain to me how you suddenly decide to put a capital letter in the middle of my name
  • Argghhh
  • My s.o. and I've always lived in different parts of the world
  • He's moving to town in less than a week
  • I'm thrilled
  • I'd love to go to Miami for Easter
  • Both my BFF and I are broke and doubt we still won't be by Easter
  • Tomorrow is GNO (girls night out)
  • One of my girlfriends suggested PF Changs. WTH? she just killed the whole excitement. Now I do not want to go :(
  • The class I'm taking right now is driving me insane. I just want it done. Everyday there's one more thing that needs to be turned in
  • I finally decided on what to wear to my girlfriend's wedding. A black bubble dress, silver jewelery, silver clutch and silver heels. I do not want to look morbid with all black.
  • I suck at punctuation. Can you tell?
  • Most of my sentences are run-ons
  • Most if not all my friends are older than me. The youngest is 10 years older.
  • I have so much passion for church on Sundays. It's like my day's highlight.
  • I can't bring myself to talk to my cousin. She broke some bad news to me in what I consider, a very uncouth way.
  • She keeps paging me. I get missed calls from her all the time. It's been 20 days. I'm not holding a grudge, really, I just don't know what to say to her.
  • I guess I'm just disappointed. I expected way better.
  • I'm getting my own apartment. For the first time I can call a place my own. The lease is in my name. I called the gas & electric company and set up an account under my name. I'm beyond thrilled.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Prayer to God for You

You're an awesome person
full of wisdom
your wise words speak volumes to all of us
we sit at your feet and are awed by you

Your pride in us
causes us to shed tears
that pride that we can find nowhere else
your way to let us know you're done proud by us
the way you tell it to others

I'm sad you're left alone
you made me smile this morning
this technology makes you wonder huh?
all things in due time you say to me

You'll make it
you'll sit there alone
after every last person has left
and you're going to be strong for her and us

I shudder at the thought of your being alone
I cannot close my eyes
and see you sitted there solo
I refuse to ponder your loneliness
you've always done us proud
and this time
will be no different

I'm praying for you
that God send his angels to your door
to console and comfort you
and keep you company

I'm praying you agree to eat
eat and finish all your food
remember what they said? you now have two plates
one for her and one for you

Each last one of us is watching
rooting for you
cheering you on
we well know you'll conquer this

My heart broke for you
when she told me how much you wept
but you'll be fine
tears will cleanse you
and bring you peace

I pray you warmth
when you go to bed each night
I pray you fall asleep fast
I refuse that you'll agonize over sleep
you'll sleep right through the night
and the birds' chirping will arouse you
every morning

I trust God and know
He has brought you to this
and will bring you through it
I pray you find the strength to keep going to mass

After all is said and done
after we all pretend how much we're holding it together for you
after we all cry in private to save you the sights
after we all toss and turn in agony before we fall asleep
after we all cry as we leave and hate ourselves for leaving you alone
after we send up prayers that you remain strong
after all these and much more
you'll be the one person we'll all look up to and draw strength from
you'll be the one person who will keep each of us going
you still we'll be our one guide
of this I've no doubt

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My six

I was tagged by one of my fave bloggers, Pandave.

So here goes some six non-significant things/habits/quirks about me...

The Rules:
- Link to the person that tagged you.
- Post the rules on your blog.
- Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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  1. I've owned one dress for the longest period of time until recently (see:today). I'll be attending a wedding mid-March and I thought I should wear a dress. I'm really clueless, I got this dress and now am not sure I can find the shoes to go with it. Please leave links or/and suggestions on how to wear a dress and what kind of shoes go with it. And so just you know the dress is turquoise in color. I know, but I love turquoise.
  2. I tried a new eyebrows waxing place and I like the way the lady did it. So, now I've ditched the place I've been going to for years for this new place.
  3. I seriously think drinking coffee makes my face look older. I cannot stand to look in the mirror the morning after a coffee chugging night to stay awake at work.
  4. I prefer my finger nails to my toes. My toes are cute in a very weird way. Whatever that means!
  5. I'm not sure if I want to one day sell all my uni books or to just shelf them for reference
  6. I concur with that crocs are ugly still I wear them b/c they are oh so comfy
I tag; Scotchie-b/c you always post to things I resonate with

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Rest In Peace

last night my heart broke into hundreds of pieces
oh no, you cannot be gone
why, could you leave?

I wanted one more call
one more blessing
one more hug
one more embrace

today I mourn you in constant weeping
do you watch down over us
i do not want to believe you're gone
it seems just like yesterday

sleep evades me
food has lost taste
thoughts of our last time together punish me

rivers of tears
I should have called more often
I should have sent up a prayer for you everyday

I did not forget you
do you know that?
i fought hard to accept
you what hand fate had dealt us
with you sudden illness

Oh I miss you so much
I want to be there
am sorry I cannot walk
your last walk with everyone
I am so sorry

Rest in peace
rest in peace
they tell me you're in a better place
with no pain
no anguish
I want to believe
I even believe
just not now

One more day
may be I would have called this weekend
it's so hard to accept
don't you see
that I never will hear that voice call me again

Why, you were so strong
and so full of life the last time i saw you
you hugged me and blessed me
and over the years you always blessed

Oh, why are you gone now
rest in peace