Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stillness & Quiet

Still my heart,
Oh Lord,quieten the turmoils

Give me peace,
Oh God,
release the rest
you intend for me.

Silent... oh God,
all the urges
and voices that push me...
to move on and on
without stopping,
without resting...

Still me down,
my Father,
hold me to your hands,
remove my cares, burdens, and heavy wearies...
and be there in the silence with you...

God, silent me,
still me,
slow me down,
deal with that rush...that is somehow within
this heart of mine.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lost in this feeling

I'm lost in your gentleness
lost in this feeling of you caring with all

Lost in your concern
this feeling, concern, that so warms me up
It's this feeling at the pit of my stomach

Lost in the feeling of these thoughts
these thoughts that cheer me up
and make me smile

I'm lost in this feeling
feeling of how your understanding is super-amazing
feeling of how your reasoning is so beautiful

I'm thrown by this feeling
Lost in how a personality can be oh
so cute
Lost in this feeling of patience that makes me so happy

Lost in this feeling
that keeps me smiling
lost in how intelligent innocence
can be

I'm so lost in this feeling of
getting looked out for
this feeling of getting checked up on
lost in this oh so good feeling

I'm so lost,
so lost in this feeling
so happy to be lost
Oh so totally feeling this lost feeling

If lost feels so good is asking not to be found asking for too much?!?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Like a woman without God

When I am tempted to doubt myself
And question my gifts and experience,
Remind me, GOD- of all that I know,
And those things that I don’t know
That I Know,
Remind me, who I am, and whose I am
Even when I hide behind my piety
To avoid doing what must be done
And use You as an excuse for indecision,
For lack of action, for silencing myself.
Love me enough to lift the lid off my basket,
And order me to stop crouching in the dark.

Like a Woman without a GOD