Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today you'd have been 38. I look at the pictures and think they gotta be kidding me. I know you're gone but it's so hard to accept it. I keep expecting that random call or text. I keep expecting you to walk in. Looking at pictures is the hardest because it was just the other day and you were so full of life. I look at those pictures and think no he can't be gone but I know you're gone because it's been a while since we've talked or seen each other. Dos Equis not only urges us to stay thirsty but also to live life to the fullest and I'm convinced beyond doubt they did that new commercial for you. And yes I know for a fact they must have it on tap there for the special angel you're.

Today, for the first time in 5 years we went out and bought our own drinks. We dressed up, got in the car and went out. How strange was it for you not to be there? you the person who always ordered our drinks and made sure in our staying thirsty we didn't stay thirsty? how odd was it for us to dance and not have you hovering over us ensuring we were having a good time? but we did because we know it's what you'd have wanted us to do. It's what you want us to do from up there, live life to the fullest because if there's one thing we're forced to learn from your unexpected demise is that life is fleeting and oh no we don't call the shots on this one.

RIP. We're staying thirsty for you, remembering you, loving you, missing you, thinking of you and trying to fit the shoes you've left behind for us to walk in despite the difficulty of living up to your standards and the person you were because indeed you were one of a kind and cannot and NEVER will be replaced.

Today, we love you in death as much as we loved you in life.