Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beauty of Life

Eyes half closed
still i strain to stay awake
it's been a long day
I played too hard today
my neck feels a little tense
my body shivers a little
still i am happy
very happy
this does not make sense?
even that is ok
once in a while
to be senseless
to laugh along
even when you don't get the joke
and then to laugh alone
when the joke's humor finally comes to you
only you're alone
but even to laugh alone
is perfectly fine
to reminisce
a joyful moment
to fall asleep fully clothed
to have some quiet
to crave aloneness
to have great, great friends
such my beloveds
such are the joys
and perks of life
such are the extra ray of sunlight on the foggy morning trying to beat the cloudiness and light up your day
such are the only star braving the sky to light up the whole wide world just so you
have something to wish on
such is the raindrop that chooses to fall on you head only for you to look up
and catch a glimpse of the most beautiful, most fascinating rainbow

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Somebody New

"... And you and your twisted words, your help just hurts, you are not what I thought you were..."

just for today
I'll shut out the night's cold breeze
with my locked window
just for today I'll sleep with the music on repeat
all night long
just for today
I'll have the fan on to blow in my face
just for today
I'll let my mind wander on to tomorrow
just for today i'll let little girl in me be afraid of the dark
and so I'll leave the light on through the night
just for today
I'll let the child in me come out and play
just for today
I'll let my mind trick my soul
into believing there's a monster in the closet
and behind the shut door
just for today
and today only will I let myself think about the past
which is actually today
you'll see me
a new person
unafraid of what life throws at me
unshattered by what life puts me through
made whole by lessons and experiences
today I'll embrace both life's good and bad
so today
I'm smiling all the way
I'm pushing myself on towards my dreams and hopes
I'm cheering myself on as I draw nigh to the finish line
I'm getting through this tunnel fast
and way past that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel
here I am, out, out of the tunnel
do you see me? a new me