Thursday, August 30, 2007

Terrific Thursday

NOT! With that said still it was a beautiful day sans the 105 F temp. I cannot wait for winter. I don't know for the life of me how to deal with heat, I'd rather be cold. Ok so you think I'm saying that b/c it doesn't snow where I live but I've lived in cities/states that snow and still hacked it. I've boots and coats fetish and hats too :) can I say it enough that I want it to be winter already.

I went out to the sizzler last night and partook of some clam chowder soup, plain veggie salad, some ambrosia salad and a piece of water melon. Not only does it read and write like a pretty healthy dinner but it ate pretty well too. Well until I got home and say 2hrs later my stomach was in sheer turmoil. It was a long night of tossing and turning, at about 3am I was starting to dose off until my twin called me and jolted me back from the sleeping world. lol later on he sent me a text apologizing b/c I'd sounded very grumpy and cranky. but I hadn't slept all night and just when I was about to he calls and I was waking up in an hour, not exactly my idea of a terrific day lol next time i'll clobber his head, poor thing! anyway I went to work and was pathetic and ended up coming back home at 0130pm. I drank lotsa fluids to flush out my GI (gastrointestinal) system and got my fave jamba juice drink, tahiti green tea, i'm hooked on green tea, since i quit coffee, green tea is the new coffee

I've been sleeping since and just barely woke up. It's a quarter till 10pm and suffice to say I'm not a tiny bit sleepy. I need to do some online assessments and now you'd think is the perfect time to do them right? well until of course I got on the website and it's down for maintenance and it says to check back after 12:01 AM CDT friday August 31st. Perfectly honestly this is the last thing I need right now, my plate is full as it is. I NEED to do the two, 100-question assessments before Saturday 8am. This isn't an act of procrastination I just wait them out until now because it's what works best for me, for reasons you wouldn't fathom *sigh*

I'm so scared of eating b/c a sick stomach is one of the worst things. In the meantime I'll keep snacking on crackers and water. I just want it to be gone by saturday

Sunday, August 19, 2007

weekend ramblings

i rarely blog about my life and/or what's going on with me so this is a tad weird. lately, my weekends have been starting on thursday nights,ta! it's been a great weekend, slept in friday, went to the library later that afternoon, studied some, went out to Daphine's for some greek dinner. had a good long walk later. got home, chilled. slept in saturday, woke up mid-morning, did some 2 papers that were due and turned them in then did some few updates here and there. stayed in bed,lazing off until 2pm, got up, hit the shower and went over to a friend's to help her out with some papers and just chill out. did the papers. watched a a movie i love-resevoir dogs-highly recommend it, if you haven't seen it. and please tell me, do you believe in tips??i'll tell you this much...hmm let me hold it until you tell me if you do or don't. went out to chevy's for dinner at nine-ish ( i know, bad eating habits, i should know i'm a...) let me shut my home at almost midnight, a friend i haven't seen in a minute called, hang out for a minute, blacked out at one-ish.up at 5, doing laundry, 7 folding and putting it away.had some cereal and banana. now in bed chilling. i go to church, night service, it's barely 11am what will i do with myself? see, this is where the 'problem' comes in, lately i've had too much time heck my gf is complaining her day doesn't have 'nuff hours and me, oh well me, mine has lately had this excess time. i love life, for the most part of it. i'll divulge you in a few things about me. today was my dear moms birthday, i love my moms to the very last tid bit. she's simply awesome!i've caught myself one too many a time lol subconsciously remembering something she has told me in the past. purely hilarious.
i like greek and seafood cuisines. i could live int the sea me.i cook well, almost like i attended culinary school in my previous life. i love God more than anyone (inlcuding my moms and s.o.) that if there was an advert for God I'd do it. i'm not a saint, just a sinner who KEEPS falling but GETTING UP. i'm very private and reserved. i don't trust easy. i've been told i've a wall around me, it's just not me to let my guard down. i'm caring, i look out for those i love and care for. heck i look out for everyone regardless of whether i relate to them in anyway. i'm a free spirit.i've passion to help. i'll give and be left without. i loathe a violation of who i am, don't cross the line and we're fine, cross it and suffice to say you're out. sometimes i'm too hard on myself, i beat up myself. excellence and great performance is my crux. to reach out to those who need me will be the death of me. i have a shoes, bags and clothes fetish. i obssess over scrubbing my face. i believed in just liking for a very long time, until i happened on the flipside. i drink a lot of water,
sometimes i worry i'll get dilutional hyponatremia . i gotta have a venti green tea most mornings. running liberates me. i'm a neat freak. i have to be the most impatient person there is in the whole world over. i try to be patient really i do. i detest to be kept waiting. i'm a very time-conscious person. i keep time. i give my word and keep it and if i can't i'll let you know. i like horses. i grew up going to horse races with the paps. i believe words are very powerful, therefore i feel it is of most essence to ponder before utterance of some words. it's hard to take words back. words grow on you. words written can be erased but words uttered not same difference. my taste for music is very different. currently am hooked on a xtian radio station, klove, they say it's in all states, it's int'l too, try it if you like contemporary xtian music, very good music.i've this insatiable passion to reach out to orphans. i went to boarding school all my life. for along time in my life i only missed my moms. the person i've grown up to be reflects differently measured up against my age

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm doing this b/c am bored

1. Where is my cell phone? beside my left hand
2. My Vehicle? is a black baby
3. My hair? is always braided
4. My father? always allowed me to do things "on second thoughts"
5. My favorite thing? solitude & silence
6. My dream last night? i don't dream
7. My favorite drink? water
8. The room I am in? my office
9. I am? week 5 into critical care nursing
10: I love? that there's only 3 more weeks of critical care left
11. What do I want to be in 10 years? a built on me,me
12. Who did I hang out with today? my jamaican gf for lunch
13. I am not_______? looking forward to pulling a 12hr tomorrow
14. What would not be in my fruit salad? oranges
15. One of my wish list items? iphone
16. Today I must________ ? go to bed early
17. The last thing I did? some bogus database project
18. What am I wearing? pin-stripped pants w/white dress shirt
19. My pet(s)? my yorkie dog, Milo
20. My computer? is the last thing I'm on ev'ryday before I sleep
21. My Shoes? highlight 3' heels

Feel free to tag yourself and do this on your blog :)

Mucho amor,

Current mood-Mellow
Currently listening to-K-Love

I'd rather be-camping

Friday, August 10, 2007

Randomness in a quiet night

Laying sprawled
across the bed
linens kicked aside
pillows scattered

my eyes open to the dark
why,no it was light just now

My body awakens to a coolness
why,it was insanely hot just now

The music pipes from a distant
the phone rings dreadfully

The cars speed up the hill
outside my window

No sleep
I gather the tall figure
some more towards the wall
oh the cool

one day it's going to be different
one day soon
it shall depart from me
or i from it
this aloneness that just almost drowns me, tonight

this boredom that near chokes me
this ache in my soul thirsts
for difference
for a new
for different

why do you sleep without me
why won't you wait for me to fall into the dream world first?

I close my eyes to the dark
when I open them
will the light be back already?