Monday, October 20, 2008

It used to be you who carried me

I used to cry to you
I used to talk to you
when I trod down a path wrong for me
when I was lost
you found me
when I was down trodden you
lifted me up
when I had not strength you
shared yours
we walked the same path
when I fell behind
you waited for me
like a soldier
if i fell you
fell with me
until I got back on my feet
when I lost my way
you helped me find it
you carried me
and you me
now am alone
it scares me
it defeats my heart
confuses my soul
I ache
but not a soul to listen
or carry me
or share faith and hope
with me
not a soul to pray with me
but me
so i soldier on and carry me
strengthen me
carry me
I carry me
I carry me

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All About Me Right NOW!!!

Sometimes I fall it's hard to walk on shifting sand

I'm back to running. I love it. It's so therapeutic to me

I was 19. Seriously do you think you'd have done it any better?

Forgive sounds good. Forgert I don't think I can

Pain's built to last. It's not off the shelf yet

One time my kid sis was so mad at me. Now, I don't even recall what I'd done. But, she looked me in the eye and said "I wish you could just disappear!!"

Now my small sis is the most wonderful person I must have done something horrible

I love her to death

My big sis too. She's everything I strive to be. She's just so noble and modest. And she can throw an outfit together out of nothing.

And me? well me, am just the opposite but am learning. Slowly but surely.

My moms, she's the woman whose heart am after. Oh mommy what would we all be and do without you

My twin brother? the man to all of us. Love him to death to

These are the people that matter most to me. At the end of the day if they are all I've left I'll survive

My stomach hurts. Actually, scratch that it hurts right now. I've good days and then of course bad days. The pain has now been intermittent for two years. Still it's pain and it hurts :(

I'm sick of the hospital and medications. The medications are so hard on my stomach they make it worse

I'm sick of school. lol. Ain't we all? But not the dreamer definitely :)

Thanks for being a great friend to me, Shi. Oh how you make life bearable

I went on a date the other day. My dear moms (bless her soul) thought it was too soon (after the break up, y'knw?)

I felt so silly. I did not know what to wear and what not to. Then when I thought I knew I could not decide what was simple enough for a movie date. I'm just silly like that me :)

He was fun though. And he is tall (I can rock the heels and not worry am hovering over some midget lol jk). He was a real gentleman too :) So me and Shi decided to score him 2pts or was it 3, Shi?

I've not dated for the longest so I'm so lost in all this. And I just might have another date with him coming up this weekend

I'm looking forward to Friday. It's not only GNO and but also we're VIP at our all time fave . I just have to remember not to take the Famotidine that day because can't mix that with alcohol. I need a drink. It's been a painful week this

I joined bible study. So I've something to do every Thursday night. Wednesday is soccer night and now Thursday is bible study night lol wait until my work schedule flips one on me

I love my moms soooooooooooooooooo much. I could not find words for how much

Tomorrow is Thursday. One more day until Friday and then the weekend is with us. Yay!!!