Thursday, February 19, 2009

homage to the woman I am

this woman is who she is
with all the confidence in the world
to prance around like she belongs
she won't be condemned by the society
or belittled by man's opinion
she will not save face to get by
this woman will not be put down
she does what she pleases
this woman is who she is
this woman is a woman who fears God
she has been called naive
she has been called ballsy
yet she will not apologize for her boldness
or for who she is
this woman is who she is
she has been known to have her way
and change everyone's mind
soaring to greater heights
this woman is who she is
a woman of her own

Sunday, February 01, 2009

brokeness to beauty

i grabbed my bags
unsure where this road led
the falls, would they come?
the triumphs, would they last?
still i fastened the scarf
quickened my step
vigilantly following the light
some days it flickered
others it blinded me
some it went out altogether
leaving me fumbling around for my way
stumbling to the wrong path
then it shone so bright i had to start over
tightened my scarf, fastened my step
deep breath
dusk, lost
dawn, found
oh the joy!