Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The world breaks everyone but some are strong in those broken places

The world has broken me
but am learning to be strong in those broken places
I come home
it's not the same here
there used to be portraits of a happy us here
there used to be warmth here
I used to look forward to this
Now I want to drag it out a little bit
until it's a tad darker than it already is outside
there are no more tears in me
my throat is dry
I tried to play pretend
tried to act like it came naturally
there used to be kisses here
laughter has been here
hugs once belonged here
now? not so much
no more
I just want to come in the dark and go to bed
want to wake up in the dark
and leave before I can catch a glimpse of you
before I can recount
before my mind tricks me to want it all back
before I remember I never really knew you
it used to hurt
happy stories have been written here
but happy or sad that's all in yesterday
today I've learned
and what to keep the lesson
that nothing lasts forever
but hope, hope in God
hope and faith for a better tomorrow

Monday, June 02, 2008

Carry me Lord. Carry me

Lost a little
crowded a little
clouded a little
we've not 'talked' in a while
but you listen still
in this big ol' world
amidst all the noise and clutter you hear me still
crowded as it is your arm reaches out for me
I can't see where I'm walking
I got lost
I can't trace my footsteps back to where I started
I know, I know you must be carrying
carry me, carry me
carry this confusion
carry this crowdedness
carry this cloudiness
carry this broken heart
carry this cluttered mind
carry this overwhelmed body
carry this broken spirit
carry me
carry all of me
Undo and re-do all of it, all of me
restore and renew
replenish and rejuvenate
revive and refresh