Saturday, February 02, 2013


Wow I cannot believe I haven't blogged since September. You must all forgive my tardiness, I have had quite a bit on my plate. Nonetheless, I am back and will strive to do better in the new year.
  • I remember having horrible hot flashes that forced me to step out into the ambulance bay so the night's chill would cool me down
  • At 6AM when I could no longer push myself any harder I asked the supervisor to send me home
  • I got in my car and drove myself home despite dizzy swirling spells
  • When I left work that early mid-April morning I had no clue almost a year later I'd still be out of work on extended sick leave
  • They poked me with needles in places I didn't know existed. I fought back tears as I tightly grasped the boy's hand for dear life
  • I know I'm an ER nurse but I'd rather be on the giving than receiving end. And did you know nurses and doctors make the worst patients? supposedly, we know too much for our own good
  • They probed me with mind boggling questions to which I had no answers
  • The doctors and specialists ordered a myriad of tests and procedures that completely wiped me out
  • For eight months they had no clue what was wrong. My case was presented to boards of experienced specialists who were all dumb-founded
  • Finally, I was referred to two oncologists. I could feel myself slowly start to give up
  • I felt lost most days and night
  • I read a lot of great books during this down time. I am not even kidding you I read a book a day
  • In August, the boy gave me a beautiful ring. I absolutely love it. And we couldn't be happier
  • The medications stopped working and my heart got weak from palpitations
  • I lost friends but made a lot of great new ones in 2012. You don't know your friends until you're sick. The true ones stuck around and am forever grateful for that
  • I hated being admitted in the hospital so much in 2012
  • When all else stopped working I was taken into emergency surgery
  • Before, they put me under my mom was holding my hand and when I opened my eyes first thing after a 5-hour surgery my mom was the first person I saw and I couldn't stop crying
  • I had a great team of doctors/surgeons/specialists/nurses. They were at my beck and call day and night. Forget professional courtesy. They were truly angels. They made sure my pain was under control and my mom was comfortable at all times
  • I couldn't speak for days but I was so overwhelmed by the love and care from my mom, the boy and my girlfriends I wept day and night
  • Despite being so sick I realized how blessed I truly was/am
  • I mean, come on, they slit my throat and I lived
  • They sheared my aorta creating a big ass hematoma that caused pressure on my spine and AGAIN, I lived!!!
  • I got to spend Christmas with my most favorite person, my mom, for the first time in nine years
  • My mom met the boy and the boy met my mom for the first time and they got along so great. Two of my favorite people all holiday season. Lucky girl, I know :)
  • Mommy has nursed me back to health with all her love and warmth and delish cooking. I have recuperated well and should be resuming work soon
  • I couldn't be more blessed. I have the most caring/loving and amaze-balls parents, sibs, friends and the boy 
  • I did a lot of fun travelling with the boy and my mom at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013
  • It was great to have a lot of friends and family from across town and out of town visit with me during my hospital stays and at home
  • I'm so grateful for the boy. He was there day and night. Despite a very demanding schedule he went through each day with me. He held my hand, rubbed my back and made me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry. I am truly overwhelmed by his kindness and love for me. He perfectly fit the bill when my mommy couldn't be there. He has taught me the true meaning of lifetime friendship and a great relationship
  • I'm ready for 2013. And so far its been full of so many blessings from God. He is amazing
A belated Happy New Year to you & yours!!!


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pandave said...

Oh wow, Prettylyf! As always, so inspiring. This is beautiful, like tears and a lump in my throat beautiful. I am so glad that you weathered the storm. So happy for you and the boy! Happy for the mother time. Crazy, this last Christmas was the first I had with my mom in 9 years as well!